I inspect buildings. I started doing building inspections in 1979 and the inspection business has been my only business since 1987. To date, I have inspected over 8000 buildings in the Chicago Metro area.

I started this business with the idea that if I did excellent building inspections, satisfied customers would spread the word. This naive idea has resulted in over 20 years of satisfied clients. I provide advice as if I was the one considering the building for purchase. This business requires personal involvement.  That’s what I provide on every inspection.

Kurt Mitenbuler and Associates., Inc. is a home and building inspection services company providing home inspections, large building and commercial inspections, condominium building and association consulting, and a wide range of other consulting services for building and homeowners.

I am an independent company in one business only– inspecting buildings and providing appropriate research and reportage to provide the client with the information they require. We do not perform any repair services, nor do we perform any construction work on buildings that we inspect.