Downloadable Library / Documents

This document library is here for you to research and download documents about a wide range of topics related to homes and buildings.  I have collected hundreds of documents over the years; the following list is only a fraction of the information available.

I am starting with those documents that my customers request the most, and over time I will expand the offerings.

Scroll down through the list, and if there is any topic you find interesting, click on the link, read, and hopefully, we will all learn something in the process.

Chicago Porch Construction Guidelines This is the City of Chicago document for rear porch and deck construction.

Tyvek Housewrap Installation Guidelines  This covers the most basic elements of installing Tyvek housewrap on your new construction project.

Tyvek Waterproofing Installation Guide  This guide details the use of Tyvek as the Water Resistive Barrier (WRB).  Most folks don’t know this, but properly installed Tyvek is critical for keeping water out of your new construction home or addition.

Tyvek Flashing Installation Guidelines   Another Tyvek guide that describes installation details utilizing the material for flashing and waterproofing, with the emphasis on detailing housewrap to other materials to prevent water entry into the building envelope.

Mold and Health Issues  This document is authored by Suellen Pirages PhD of the International Center for Toxicology and Medicine,  a respected authority on mold related health issues.  You may be surprised by some of her findings, and how they contradict much of the current hysterical reaction to mold in our homes.

Vinyl Siding Installation Guide  After reading this, most folks are surprised to find out that their vinyl siding was not installed properly.  If you are anticipating installing new vinyl siding, read this.

ADA Guide for Accessible Design  This is the Federal Gov’t’s. basic guideline for barrier free design in buildings.  It’s a valuable tool for those considering building or remodeling to accommodate access challenged individuals.


The following are all Building Science Corporation documents.  Building Science Corporation graciously permits these documents for download and review by visitors to this website.  All the documents are copyrighted and are only for non-commercial use.

LEED Certification : What Does It Mean?  This document is a must-read for anyone considering building an energy efficient structure, as it offers a critical overview of how the current rush to “all things green” can be subsumed by gimmicks, fads, and ignorance of the underlying principles that should be guiding us.  Building Science Corporation has worked for the last 2 decades at researching and educating us about how buildings actually work.  Read this!

A History of the Building Envelope  This digest provides a brief overview of the development of the building enclosure and can serve as an entry point into a deeper historically-informed study of buildings and building science.

Remodeling For Energy Efficiency  This is great information if you are contemplating rremodellingor updating your home.