Home Buyers

Single Family Home Buyers

Our standard Single Family Home Inspection includes:

  • Site inspection; grading, drainage, walks, driveways, patios, landscaping, fences, retaining walls, or other site improvements
  • Garages, Decks, Porches
  • Sidewalls, windows, doors, eaves, woodwork
  • Roofing, flashings, chimneys, gutters and downspouts, skylights; we bring large ladders and climb on every roof unless rain, ice, or snow prevents access
  • Heating and Air Conditioning systems and equipment
  • Electrical system, Service Equipment, Fixtures, and Devices
  • Plumbing system, fixtures, water heating equipment, water flow & pressure
  • Structural condition from footing to rafters: we look for basement dampness, signs of pests, and inspect all structural components
  • Insulation, Energy Efficiency, and Ventilation
  • Interiors: wall, ceiling, and flooring, fireplaces, stairs, and finishes
  • Kitchens: cabinets, countertops, appliances included in the sale
  • Bathrooms: fixtures, ceramic tile, ventilation

Pricing Guide

Small single family houses run $600-725. Larger homes, or homes with complex architectural features run $725-800+ depending on a lot of variables.  Condominiums usually run $475-525, but it varies depending on size of unit, number of amenities or systems, whether I look at common areas, and other variables.

I cost more than some inspectors.  I charge more because I know more and I do more.

Pricing can be confusing unless I know the specifics of a property.  You should call me to discuss your specific house, and I can quote you a set price.


When inspecting condominiums, it is important to understand that they are one of the most diverse types of properties.

Each building type has very specific issues and concerns. We explain the different types of construction, material differences, and the impact this has on condominium maintenance schedules and related cost.

On many smaller condominium buildings, the exterior masonry and related components can have significant problems due to improper use of materials or inadequate installation standards.  I am one of the few inspectors that inspects the exterior of condo buildings.  Call me so I can determine the specific demands of the building you are considering for purchase.

Multiple-Family Buildings / Rental Properties

Small multiple family buildings have additional concerns; the extra unit(s) brings into consideration items that reflect rental or tenant requirements, or other liability concerns. In addition to inspecting and analyzing the items listed above, we also focus on habitability code requirements, safety equipment, back porches (the tragic porch collapse of July 2003 reminds us of the problems related to back porches), safety egress, or other code required items that may impact the viability of the property as a rental investment.

Large multi-family buildings have major concerns with roofing, exterior masonry, windows, lead paint, egress porches, and general habitability standards. The City actively reviews large building exterior masonry, and holds building owner accountable for maintaining it. Given the age of most of these buildings, the masonry always has concerns; concerns that can be quite expensive to correct. Often, deteriorated masonry coexists with deteriorated roofing; leaking roofs are one of the most common causes of damaged masonry. Given the size of these buildings, the cost of masonry repair and roof replacement can be staggering. Windows alone can be both a source of excessive energy waste and liability due to lead paint contamination. Egress porches are often dilapidated and require major renovation, at substantial cost. Heating, plumbing, and electrical systems can be outdated, in addition to interior finishes requiring major renovation. Section 8 buildings have standards that must be met if the building is to maintain its acceptance within those programs. Large multi-family buildings require detailed analysis of all these major systems so that the building can be reviewed appropriately for its investment potential.

Pricing for Multiple Family Buildings varies on size and complexity.  Call me to describe the building and I can provide you a set price.