Home Owners

Remodeling, Construction, & Maintenance Consulting

An outgrowth of the inspection business has been consulting on individual’s home remodeling or new home construction projects. If one is working with a trusted architect or contractor whom you have previous experience with, consulting is often not necessary.

Since few individuals have this experience, I offer an impartial third party overview of the proposed project, or follow the project through to completion. I can review plans, propose improvements if necessary, look for unforeseen problems, review material choices for appropriate use and value, perform “in process” inspections, and provide final walk through checklists.

Home repair contractor dispute resolution is probably the most common problem homeowner’s face.

Every construction project has issues that lead to misunderstandings and eventually conflict. These problems are best resolved before the job begins by delineating the details of the construction proposal and analyzing them for accuracy and completeness.

An unfortunate reality is most building contractors are not masters of contract creation and execution. A detailed review of the contract before work commences will identify problems and potential conflict areas. My experience in doing the work and managing job sites enables me to identify problems before the arise. A review of the proposal will clarify and expedite the work by removing ambiguities from the project before work begins.

The value added is that the process is often totally confusing, it is most often stacked in favor of the contractor, and in the end, the homeowner very often is left with the feeling that they may not have gotten all that they contracted for. I act as an advocate for the homeowner; while I try to avoid conflict on any, there are often times when it is inescapable. At these times, I mediate disputes, review problems and compare them to industry accepted standards, building codes, and manufacturers specified installation requirements, and act as an informed source for the homeowner in an arena that they have little or no experience in.

My 25 years experience in on site construction provides me with the practical expertise to provide advice to homeowners embarking on construction projects. The service is normally billed hourly, but payment options are available. Very often, a minor fee of a few hundred dollars can provide research and insight to empower the homeowner to make decisions from an informed position. Please call the office so that we can discuss your requirements and quote you a fee based on your particular needs.