Moisture Intrusion

If there’s one thing that has become apparent over the last decade, it’s that there are an amazing number of new construction homes and buildings that leak.  There is no good reason for this, only one bad one.  Builders of these properties didn’t understand basic building science and construction principles.

The most problematic of these buildings are the new masonry residential properties with split face block side walls and the front elevation of decorative stone and face brick.

As a start, split face block is not a satisfactory building material for Chicago’s climate. The reason developers use it is it’s cheap and quick.  Couple this poor material choice with incompetent construction practices, and the formula is set for leaks.

These masonry materials are not at all like the older materials; they require an entirely different set of skills to build properly, and those skills were almost entirely absent on  buildings constructed in the last 20 years.  I have inspected thousands of these buildings, and I have not seen a one that was built correctly.  Not even one.

There are no blanket solutions for these problems; each building is different, with it’s own set of problems.

I have worked with dozens of building owners and home owners associations in finding and correcting water leaks in their buildings.  I establish where the water is coming from, and then work with the owners and association members to determine the best options for repair, help interview and qualify contractors that can perform the repairs, and monitor work in progress to provide assurance that the repairs are being accomplished appropriately.

I use a number of different techniques and tools in moisture intrusion studies.  I have moisture measurement equipment and sometimes construction dismantlement to determine what the problems are.

This is an evolving area of study, and I am in the forefront of those working to figure out these serious problems.  Call me to discuss the specific issues you’re having with your building or home, and I can help you understand and solve them.